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Fortus, 16 Years of Expertise in Market

Accounting and much more than numbers: it's partnership, it's commitment, it's achievement.

Our History

The beginning...

It all started in the pre-university entrance course, when João Batista Custódio and Evanir Aguiar dos Santos, managing partners of Fortus Consultoria Contábil, since 2004, met. However, the friendship really only started when they met to enroll in college. During university, they followed friends and João was invited by Evanir to be godfather to his first son, which brought them even closer. Professionally, they ended up going different ways at that time. João went to the commercial area of ​​a multinational and Evanir to the technical segment of the accounting area.
So, in a conversation with João, where they both had dreams in common, involving a business that offered differentiated services and focused on the management area, adding value to the product, the idea of ​​opening Fortus came up. After a year and a half, with the enterprise growing, the room where the company worked, in the center of the Capital, became small and the partners moved to the current headquarters, in Partenon. In 2012, they opened their first branch, in the North Zone of Porto Alegre.

Since 2007, the year that Fortus signed up for the Gaucho Quality and Productivity Program (PGQP), it realized that it had found the way to improve the daily processes, that is, the organization's management. From then on, the company evolved and started implementing the ISO in 2010, and the first recognition with the PGQP was achieved in 2011. In 2012, came the ISO certification and the Bronze Trophy of the PGQP.

In 2013, Fortus received the PGQP Silver Trophy and the MPE / Sebrae Brasil Award, still ranking among the four best companies in the segment in Brazil for the national phase of the MPE. In 2014, the organization repeated the conquest of the Silver Trophy of the Gaucho Quality and Productivity Program, in addition to winning new and relevant international accounts.


Know our history year by year since our foundation.


Company Foundation.


Moving to a headquarters with more complete infrastructure.


Implementation of the Fortus Quality Management System.


Start of services to international companies.


Launch of Fortus News Magazine.


Certification in ISO 9001: 2008.

  • Distinction in MPE Brasil Sebrae;
  • Creation of Fortus RH.

Awarded for the second consecutive year by Oscar da Qualidade in RS with the Silver Trophy.


Opening of the São Paulo Branch.


Launch of Fortus Audit.


Carlos Gomes Unit.


Fortus Accounting Rio de Janeiro.

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